20​20 Fall Evening Courses*

  • 9th District Members $70, Late $75, with exceptions, (2019 dues must be paid); Non-9th District Members $80, Late $85; Aux. Staff $80, Late $85 Non-ADA Members $140, Late $145
  • Infection Control: Members/Hygienists $80, Late $85; Non-9th Members $100, Late $105; Aux. Staff $100, Late $105; Non-ADA Members $160, Late $165
  • CPR/Defibrillator: Members $95, Late $100; Non-9th Members $145, Late $150; Aux. Staff $145, Late $150; Non-ADA Members $205, Late $210  -  Pre-Registration Required

As many of our courses are case-based lectures,
 please note that no video or audio recordings are allowed.

There are some new and exciting offerings in this Spring’s Course Line-up.  The Ninth District is including some non-conventional, mandated courses.  A HIPAA-Compliance course which requires a minimum of 25 registrants.  Pricing is imposed by NYSDA and includes one copy of the NYSDA HIPAA Security Compliance Manual, per office. 

For this course, we will close registrations one week in advance.  At that time, if we do not have the minimum number or registrants required, we will have to cancel the course – so please register early!

                                ADA-Member Dentists:                 $175.00
                                Auxiliary Staff (pp)                       $  55.00
                                Non-Member Dentists:                 $275.00

Secondly, we will hold an OSHA-Compliance course, live and on-site at Headquarters for all of you who prefer in-person to online courses. 

And, finally, a No Cost, Risk Management Course offered by NYSDA & Sponsored by MLMIC.  Again, this course will take place at Ninth District Headquarters and fulfills the 3-year mandate for relicensure.  This course also results in an up-to-10% malpractice premium reduction, per year.

Ashok Soni, D.D.S., Chair
Bharat Joshi, D.D.S., Co-Vice Chair
Ronnie Myers, D.D.S., Co-Vice Chair

Course 112 - “OSHA, Infection Control and Board-Specifics for the Dental Office

  • Tue, Jun 02, 2020 | 7:00 PM - Tue, Jun 02, 2020 | 10:00 PM
  • Location: 9th District Headquarters, 2nd Floor
  • Address: 364 Elwood Avenue, Hawthorne, NY
  • Contact: Diane Darby
  • Email: diane@ninthdistrict.org
  • Phone: 914-747-1199

CE Credits:  3 MCE


Instructor:  Howard J. Pactovis, D.M.D.

Founder of Dynamic Dental Safety; Director of Education – Dental Learning Network; Featured Speaker, nationally and at events presented by: Yankee Dental Congress, New Hampshire Dental Society and Greater New York Dental Association among others.

Synopsis:  The attendee will learn and understand OSHA, CDC and Infection Control guidelines as they relate to the dental office.  Specific New York State regulations for the dental office will be addressed.  The overall thrust of the presentation will be toward implementing the requirements and documentation with an emphasis on “risk prevention” in the dental office.  The attendee will be trained in the development and implementation of the appropriate manuals for their practice.

Objectives are to understand:

            Standards for Bloodborne Pathogens

           Standards for Hazard Communication and GHS

            State-specific Guidelines for Infection Control

            Federal Infection Control Guidelines

            State of New York Requirements

            Implementation of the Compliance Program

            Consequences of Non-Compliance

            New York State Board of Dentistry Guidelines