Concerned About Your Care?

When you choose a Ninth member, your dentist is committed to providing the highest quality dental treatment possible. If you have a concern about the care provided to you, the first thing you should do is go back to your dentist. Often, discomfort after treatment can be fixed with an adjustment or additional care.

Peer Review is a dispute resolution process the Ninth District offers as an alternative for patients to resolve complaints about treatment quality. Peer Review cannot hear complaints that are before (or have already been resolved through) the courts or the New York State Education Department.

Ninth District Peer Review Committees resolve disputes about the quality of care and appropriateness of treatment rendered by its member dentists. They review and mediate disputes among patients and dentists.

  • There is no charge for Peer Review.
  • Peer Review is objective and confidential.
  • Peer Review can only evaluate treatment completed within the past two and a half years.
  • When Peer Review finds treatment unacceptable, the dentist is directed to refund only the fees received for that treatment. Peer Review does not make punitive awards.
  • When treatment is found to be appropriate and the care provided acceptable, all outstanding patient fees are remitted to the dentist.

How Does It Work?

  • Both the patient and the dentist submit the Agreement to Submit to Peer Review. A mediator will contact them to try to resolve the dispute.
  • If mediation is unsuccessful, the Peer Review Committee conducts a hearing. The committee is made up of three volunteer dentists. These dentists examine all patient records and other evidence submitted. They interview the dentist and the patient. They individually examine the patient’s mouth.

Peer Reviews are conducted by your local dental association or society. Contact us at (914) 747-1199 to request an Agreement to Submit to Peer Review and/or a Guide to Peer Review.

Have a Fee Dispute?

Fee disputes are private matters between doctors and patients. Dentists establish fees individually and independently of each other. Peer Review addresses questions of “usual or customary fees” only in cases involving dental benefit companies.

Fee disputes must be settled privately between the dentist and patient, or by the courts, and can’t be resolved by the Ninth District or any other public agency.