Benefits Of Membership

Representation at the State and National Levels

Membership in the tripartite allows for a powerfully united voice, at every level of government, on behalf of the profession and the public.  Both the ADA and NYSDA have been influential in proposing laws and regulations that benefit dentistry as well as protect the public, providing the “voice of the dental profession”, addressing critical issues that could affect your practice and your patients.  An example, are the local and national efforts to educate government and the public on the benefits of maintaining fluoride in water systems. 

The Empire Dental Political Action Committee (EDPAC) provides Members with access to lawmakers in New York State and is composed of bipartisan Members who support policymakers dedicated to protecting the interests of dentists and ensuring that patients continue to have access to the highest quality and affordable oral healthcare.

Continuing Education

The most highly recognized benefit of Membership in the 9th are the four, full-day lectures put on annually that are free to 9th Members. Generally, each free lecture includes 7 MCE credits toward relicensure -- a total of 28 MCE credits per year.  Along with this, there are the Spring and Fall evening courses offered at Headquarters or via Zoom – all of which are at reduced pricing to 9th Members. 

Additionally, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam and Rockland County branches put on excellent, accredited programs, as do the many study groups that function throughout Westchester County.  Not to mention the fact, that as a Member, all of the continuing education credits you take through the 9th District are automatically posted to your transcript by Headquarters – a review of which is available anytime, on line at


Published four times a year, the Bulletin includes timely information and articles, including district activities as well as state and federal regulations and policies.  Presently, Members looking to hire dentists or seeking employment, receive free advertising (up to 50 words) in the Bulletin and on the website (  The “Members Only” section of the 9th website contains helpful information for practitioners.  When news breaks, Members are also informed via blast emails.

You will also receive the ADA’s JADA.  Introduced in 1913, the monthly Journal of the American Dental Association, is the nation's premier dental journal — a reliable, peer-reviewed source of information on dentistry and dental science.  Each issue of JADA is available in print, online at JADA Online and via a mobile Web application.

Camaraderie, Friendship, Mentorships

Membership provides many opportunities to interact with your peers, to forge friendships and to provide a platform to share challenges and successes with your colleagues, as well as to learn from senior Members and/or to mentor newer Members.

Endorsed Companies

The 9th endorses companies whose services range from insurance, financial and legal, to practice needs. The Member Benefits Committee maintains oversight over endorsements. An endorsement by the 9th brings with it an assurance to Members of the quality of products and services as well as a commitment on the part of Headquarters to make sure high standards are adhered to. (Endorsed Companies)


Peer Review

An outstanding benefit of Membership is the Peer Review process – a form of mediation that addresses and resolves “quality-of-care” issues with respect to patient treatment, avoiding unnecessary legal and possible court costs.

District Claims

The 9th's District Claims Committee has authority to review malpractice claims against Members insured by MLMIC, and to direct the insurer either to defend or settle.  In the event of litigation, the committee will review records, interview involved parties and are available to help you throughout the process.

Employment Opportunities

Free ad space in the Bulletin and on the 9th’s website for Members seeking employment or to hire an employee. The 9th also endorses companies who can assist in placement, as well as buying/selling a practice. HealthPro Staffing Resources assists in staffing and outplacement, while The Clemens Group assists in buying/selling of practices. (See “Endorsed Companies” for further details).

Patient Referrals

Headquarters staff refers patient inquiries to active Members – potentially increasing your patient base.


Headquarters has highly trained staff.  If they can’t answer a question, they consider it their responsibility to research it and come up with an answer as quickly as possible. They are your resource for advice and support on Peer Review, Ethics, Dental Policies, State and National Regulations, Practice Management and referrals to the appropriate NYSDA and/or ADA personnel. 

Staff is: Stephan Cancian, Executive Director and Diane Darby, Executive Assistant. Ph 914-747-1199; Email:; Fax 914-747-1396 – Office hours Mon-Fri 9 til 4:30 p.m.  (Summer hours – commencing after Memorial Day weekend and ending after Labor Day weekend, are: Mon-Thurs. 9 til 4:30 pm and Fridays till 3:00 pm.)

Discounted United Parcel Service (UPS)

ADA members are eligible to exclusive savings of up to 36 percent off regular shipping costs through UPS, the shipping company endorsed by ADA Business Resources. Through the program, members will see competitive rates available on shipping services, more service options, ground delivery coverage and overnight delivery by 10 a.m. In addition, dental practices will have the same driver for express and ground deliveries with convenient drop-off locations.

If you’re already a UPS customer, call 1-800-MEMBERS to switch your current UPS account to the ADA Member program. First time enrollees in the UPS savings program can also call or visit

Reduced Dues for New Members

Members are eligible for a reduced membership dues program for the first five years immediately after completion of residency or specialty training.

For further information on the other benefits available as a member of the tripartite of organized dentistry, please visit the websites of the ADA and the New York State Dental Association.

Substance Abuse and Well-Being

The Ninth District Dental Association is committed to aiding our colleagues in addressing substance use disorder and related mental health issues. The New York State Dental Association’s Committee on Substance Abuse and Well-Being provides a statewide network of dentist-peers who are available to assist members, their families, and the dental office staff in addressing problems with drugs or alcohol. The Committee includes dentists who have experienced both the devastation of addiction and the effectiveness of intervention and treatment in their own lives. Funding is available for dentists who need in-patient treatment but do not have the financial resources to get it.

Practicing a profession while impaired can result in a charge of unprofessional conduct. When you speak with our Peer Assistance Coordinator, Dr. Bob Herzog, or any of the Committee’s members, your interactions are confidential and non-punitive. When a dentist’s license is at risk, the Committee can help the dentist protect his/her license and privilege to practice through the New York State Education Department’s Professional Assistance Program (PAP).

If you or a colleague is struggling with substance abuse and/or related mental health concerns, it is easy to get help. Contact Dr. Bhagwati J. Mistry, 914-960-9757; Dr. Bob Herzog, 716-830-3055; or Ms. Jacquie Donnelly at NYSDA, 518-689-2750. Your call is confidential.

Visit NYSDA's website for mental health resources and information related to opioid prescribing:

And Many Other Benefits . . . including:

Give Kids A Smile® Day, the largest, charitable oral health program in the U.S. With the help of volunteers like you, we provide treatment and oral health education to individuals who would otherwise go without.

Funding for ground-breaking dental research.