2023 Spring Evening Courses

  • 9th District Members - In- Person Courses:  $70, (2023 dues must be paid); Non-9th District Members & Aux Staff $90, Non-ADA Members $120
  • Infection Control: 9th Members & Hygienists - $80; Non-9th District Members & Aux Staff $100; Non-ADA Members $160
  • CPR/Defibrillator: 9th District Members: $95, (2022 dues must be paid); Non-9th District Members & Aux Staff: $145, Non-ADA Members: $205

All CPR Courses will remain both online and in-person.  The in-person portion will be held at The Blythedale Children’s Hospital at 95 Bradhurst Avenue, Valhalla, NY  10595 – the Main Phone Number is:  914-592-7555.

When registering for a CPR course, you will register for the day of the in-person, skills assessment portion of the course at Blythedale.  Approximately one week prior, you will receive an email from the AHA consisting of the online portion of the program.  You MUST complete the online module, print out the certificate of completion at the end, and BRING that with you to the in-person session.  You will be assigned a specific ½ hour timeframe to arrive for the hands-on session.  Upon successful completion of the skills assessment, you will be provided access to your 2-year certification card (they’re now e-cards that you will download with the access provided).

  • There is free parking right outside the building.
  • Once you walk into the hospital lobby you will be screened by medical screeners (basically asked a few questions related to travel or symptoms and then have a temperature check by a temporal thermometer).
  • You will then go to security and let them know you are here for CPR.You will be directed into the board room, which is right off the lobby, behind the security desk.
  • A class size of 4 students will be a 30 min skills session, a class size of 6 students would be 45 mins. Social distancing will be maintained.
  • Everyone must wear a mask throughout the entire class.
  • Please note, although you are entering the hospital you will not be going past the lobby so there is no concern of patient exposure on the units or within the hospital.

Ashok Soni, D.D.S., Chair
Bharat Joshi, D.D.S., Co-Vice Chair
Ronnie Myers, D.D.S., Co-Vice Chair