Endorsed Companies

A Benefit of Membership

Below is a list of all 9th District Endorsed Companies with links to their websites.  Mention you are a Ninth District member to receive the endorsement discounts.

Danziger & Markoff, LLP

Cosentus Business Services

Dental Billing Services
Dan Bowar


Medical Waste Disposal
Samuel Lemus

Sandpiper Medical Supply

Medical Supply
Carolyn Vaeth

Garfield Refining Services

Jeffrey Lasky

Gradifi Student Loan Refinancing

Refinance your student loans

Let Gradifi connect you with leading lenders that want to help you lower your student debt and get out of debt years earlier.

MLMIC Professional Liability Insurance

MLMIC Insurance Company and the New York State Dental Association (NYSDA) designed the NYSDA-MLMIC Program for Professional Liability Insurance to give NYSDA members the best liability protection available at the lowest possible premiums consistent with fiscal responsibility.  NYSDA-MLMIC Policyholders from Buffalo to the Bronx enjoy localized risk management guidance, claims protection, underwriting support, in addition to benefits and expertise not found anywhere else.

For over 40 years MLMIC has been a leader in malpractice insurance, and is the #1 dental liability insurer in New York State.  For dental malpractice in New York, nothing compares to MLMIC. To find out about coverage with the Program run by NYS dentists for NYS dentists, visit MLMIC.com or speak to a MLMIC representative at 800-683-7769.

The Clemens Group

Alan Clemens or Paul Whitener


Alison Teitel

Southridge Technology

Gary Tiger

Rectangle Health

Julie Blois

NYSDA Endorsed Companies

ADA Endorsed Programs