Why Become a Member?

Dear Colleague:


Your decision to be a part of your professional organization demonstrates a commitment to its future in the face of economic, social, political, industrial and governmental activity that might be detrimental to the profession and to the public.  Our Association is the only organization that has the power to protect our interests – and to safeguard the public’s right to quality, oral healthcare.  The same legislature that grants us our license can alter that license at any time.

Membership allows you to join with your colleagues in organized dentistry and gain access to the valuable benefits that the Association has to offer.  You help strengthen the profession for dentists, as well as for the public.

Your professional organization has a tripartite structure:

As a member, you automatically belong to societies on all three levels.  Each has legislative and executive bodies consisting of your peers.  Commissions, councils and committees – also made up of volunteer dentists – study issues, recommend policy and sponsor various activities.  National, state and local societies have offices ready to help with any question or problem you might have.

In general, organized dentistry serves us in eight distinct areas:
  • Publications
  • Government Relations
  • Education
  • Individual Assistance
  • Insurance
  • Career Counseling
  • Public Relations
  • Research and Evaluation
We hope you will ask questions and seek further information from us.

Thank you for your commitment to the profession.  We are pleased to have you as a colleague and as a partner working toward the future of organized dentistry.


Ira Levine, DDS
Chair, Membership &
Communications Committee

Mary Ellen Lukaswitz, DMD
Vice Chair, Membership &
Communications Committee